TeenParty Time

TeenParty is the perfect photo shoot for teen girls either or in the studio or on location.

The TeenParty Xperience starts from as little as £175. It includes images for Facebook as well as our TeenParty app.

The Party Girl Xperience lasts around 2 1/2 hours and includes multiple studio styles or location settings, drinks, party nibbles and each party goer will receive a poster of their choice from the shoot.

Having asked our past TeenParty girls, they all have wanted to do their own hair and make-up. We encourage all the TeenParty goers to do their hair and make up fully before they arrive and come ready for the TeenParty.

The best images will be finished and put in their own online galleries for you all to see and select from.

Please remember the main party girl is in charge of the looks and style of the shoot, so please chat with her.

For more details and booking availability please contact the studio.