Santa's Page

Santa claus's human face at studio shot

Welcome to our Santa page.

We have been given exclusively permission from Santa to Sell for different charities and good causes his Children's Report Cards.

Santa has asked us to find a local charity to help and he has asked also if we could help Local schools too.

The cards are to help families and children get ready for his visit to their homes on Christmas Eve.

The Cards are priced at £4.99 + £1.00 postage and packaging for up to 3 cards with £1.00 for each card going to the Charity or a Local School. 

Santa's Children's Report Card

Santa's Children's Report Card


How they work:-

Inside the card Pack are 24 Gold Stars, 24 Red Stars, The card itself and a Santa envelope. Everything you need for the card.

Inside the card is A Christmas tree made-up of 24 Stars one for every day from the 1st of December through to the 24th of December. 

The Gold stars are for good days.

The Red stars are for not so good days.

Rules for the card


Please place a Star over one of the Stars on the card, A Gold star for being well behaved or a Red star for not being so good.

Children's Rules

1, Tidy away your toys when asked.

2, Eat all your dinner if possible.

3, Help Mummy and Daddy when you can.

4, Keep your bedroom tidy every day.

5, Make your bed if you can to save Mummy a job.

6, Try not to be Grumpy.

7, Go to Bed when asked.

8, Leave a drink and a mince pie for Santa.

9, Leave a carrot or apple for the Reindeer.

Santa will send one of his elves (when everyone is asleep) to check the card so Santa knows who has been good!