Daniel and Azusa

Azusa Kimono

Daniel and Azusa

We were at Aston Hall Hotel's Christmas fayre when we were approached by Daniel Mum and Dad.

They explained that Daniel lived and worked in Japan and they had been given the job to find a Sheffield based photographer to photograph the Sheffield side of their wedding at the fabulous Whirlowbrook Hall.  

Daniel and his future Wife Azusa were to be in the UK for 7 days only for their wedding.

Daniel and Azusa flew in from Japan on a Thursday had a little bit of sightseeing in London and also on their way up to Sheffield. They arrived in Sheffield on Saturday afternoon to get ready for their wedding at the stunning Whirlowbrook Hall, Sheffield on the Monday.

Their wedding was beautiful, I never realised how complicated and time consuming the Kimono is to put on. It took around 3.5 hours for Azusa to have her hair, make-up and get into the Kimono. Its fascinating watching the kimono being put on.